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Inyectable Amygdalin B17 / Laetrile

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Vitamin B17 Extracted From Apricot Kernels 

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    • Vitamin B17 in Liquid Form, more than 40 years on the market
    • Pharmaceutical grade Vitamin B17 10mg Ampules, Most Effective form of Amygdalin delivery
    • 10 Ampules 10mg each.
    • As founding partners of CytoPharma de Mexico, where the production of laetrile, also known as vitamin b-17 or Amigdalina (Amygdalin), began more than 40 years ago, we produce the best, and most potent form of Amygdalin known to date.  Pharmaceutical grade Laetrile, guarantees the best and purest form of Amygdalin (vitamin b-17).  We utilize the best, state of the art techniques and equipment for extraction and production in various presentations.  From solid tablets to liquid form or soft capsules, we use not only appricot kernels, but a wide variety of amigdalicious compunds found in other plant products to produce only the purest products with the highest concentration of Amygdalin to aid in alternative medicine protocols and practices.  Our goal it to produce only the very best,  highest quality, pharmaceutical grade products. We are Worldwide Manufacturers and distributors of Quality Nutritional Supplements at Affordable Prices! We have been serving health-conscious consumers with quality products and affordable prices for over two decades, bringing you Quality Nutritional Supplements at Affordable Prices. Our products are in stock and ready to ship for fast delivery. Our pledge to you is that we will deliver HIGH QUALITY BIOENGINEERED PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE PRODUCTS at the fastest possible time.

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